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Best Omega replica watches

Omega Replica  watches earth’s oceans hippocampus mirror – 1:1-42 mm to duplicate the model of the best and most accurate with the original omega borders and sapphire crystal used in nickel plating Swiss 2836-2 this watch automatic movement – 28800 BPH – all the tags of omega 8500 caliber action – a precise replication machinery with black dial, white 12/6/9 Numbers, super bright hour markers (blue and green minute hand and hour green number) 440 stainless steel with a real omega ceramic bezel.

Serial Numbers carved on 7 PM near the rear position.Dustproof and waterproof rubber strap and omega replica tags and carving and double folding buckle authentic antireflection omega, omega replica watch catch evidence sapphire crystal for this watch and sapphire crystal 42 mm wide x 16 mm thick waterproof and waterproof to 33 ft global free shipping this project – please contact us for more information.

Although style and beautiful, as they say, in the eyes of the beholder, no one can deny that, elegant design of Aqua Terra omega replica watch is amazing.Omega manufacturing two versions of the model: 41.5 mm and 38.5 mm.Miniature replicas of the replica is not available on the market, so I bought a diameter of 41.5 mm dial.Check this fake image comparison, see my comments, so you can decide whether to go to the copy or buy other things.

As you can see the pictures of the authentic watches, dial color is wrong.Original Aqua Terra dial is white, and a copy of the colored stainless steel grades.If you look closely, you will find that the hour markers in imitation of omega more steep Angle and the flat surface is a little small and the real watches.Seconds, hours and minutes hands, however, are surprisingly similar.Shining point hours logo also completely copy.