Omega Speedmaster replica watches sixtieth anniversary

Robert-Jan Broer is the founder of Fratello Watches, a well-known watch blog site, and the sponsor of the Speedy Online community. Around the world’s most iconic chronograph watch – Omega Speedmaster replica watches, he tells the story from the date of the launch to Speedy Online online community behind the story.

    • Can we tell us about how this “activity” started by Speedy Tuesday?
      I have been obsessed with the world’s great beauty and creative unlimited timepieces. Omega in 1967 launched the super professional watch is one of my favorite watch. One day in 2012, happened to be a Tuesday, I casually upload a picture of this watch on our blog site and mark it as “Speedy Tuesday”. From that day on, the idea began to shape, a casual picture push to become a “Speedy Tuesday” as the theme of the weekly fixed activities.
    • How many articles have you written about the Omega Speedmaster watch?
      Today, our team has released more than 250 articles on the Omega Speedmaster series, and there will be more articles in the future. These articles introduced the space has been entered the Omega Speedmaster watch, early super series, as well as the table fans and super story between the story. On the super watch, we have endless stories.
    • It is these stories that gather a super-series online community!
      Yes, the result is inevitable. These Speedy Tuesday related articles in our magazine reading in the lead, but also for the super replica watches to attract a large number of loyal fans and lovers. Speedy Tuesday’s fast-growing and popular event is spontaneous and closely related to the strong support of fans. Only in the social media Instagram, this topic has been shared more than 40,000 times.
    • In your opinion, why is there so many people involved in this topic? Can you explain why it is popular?
      I think this topic is so popular, in part because the Omega Speedmaster series itself is a very iconic watch, while it is also the moon when the human wear watch. Not only that, the price range has been very close to the people. I also believe that everyone likes to participate in the topic #SpeedyTuesday, but also because the online community behind and no commercial interests driven. It’s not hard to see that the other members of the editorial team and I have great interest and great enthusiasm for the Omega Speedmaster series. But in the end because the Omega Speedmaster watch itself is a very good timepiece. Even with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) cooperation origin, super watch equipped with a quick time to read the dial, so as to become a landmark chronograph. Whether you already have a series of Omega Speedmaster series of classic watch collectors, or just from the Omega flagship store to buy a super watch new, everyone can join the #SpeedyTuesday online topic.
    • What is the speciality of this online community in the super series? It and other watch fans group What is the difference?
      About ten years ago, I have been to a watch line, the store’s display on the showcase several fine Omega Speedmaster series antique watch. Showcase is located in the center of the shop, when a man in order to carefully observe the details of these watches, the whole person almost to the ground, the table fans can really obsessed with the details of this. The shopkeeper told me that the fans of the Omega Speedmaster series are a group of special guests. They are a group of people who really care about the watch itself, the investment potential or money interests do not care. This summary is very accurate even now. Super series online community closely around the watch itself, of course, occasionally there will be discussions on the space project. But the community atmosphere is really very friendly, fans are very happy to help others find the details of the watch, or help find a specific watch or accessories. Another special feature is that this online community has received support from Omega. Omega’s museums and archives are actively engaged in recording the brand’s historic moments, collecting the most prestigious special timepieces of the brand, or helping the watch collectors with questions. Few watch brand can be like Omega so this investment, and super series online community is also very grateful to Omega’s strong support.

    • For you, is not the Omega Speedmaster replica watches uk has more than other watches “moving people” emotional connection?
      The answer is yes. Of course, this emotional connection is divided into two areas. First of all personal and watch between the special love, which applies to any one watch or brand. Often if you ask the owner of the Omega Speedmaster Series “Moon Table” why you will have this watch, you tend to get a very interesting personal anecdote. On the other hand, the super series and some of the major events in history, including even one of the greatest achievements of mankind, have a very close relationship. For those who have witnessed the glorious achievements of mankind in the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century, the Omega Speedmaster series has a very special significance. And for those who are born after this (such as me), or too young to understand what is happening, the super series may be a tangible between them and the history that can not be personally experienced Emotional connection.
    • Which story is the most interesting story in the story of the members of the Super League series?
      One of the most special moments I have ever experienced is that a former astronaut and his son found me that they had “some watch” but did not know the specific name. I made his son meet in my house, he took out a plastic bag on the table, which is loaded with a watch. These watch has a Omega Speedmaster series “Alaska Plan III” professional lunar table, it is one of the 56 watch produced in 1978. This watch left a deep impression on me, when I put it in the wrist, the heart could not tell the move. Other stories that make me feel like the superficial watch that was inherited and later lost, and at one night I received an e-mail from a well-known person at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) My essays on Speedy Tuesday are very good. All of which are of great significance to me. All in all, I am very grateful to those who sent me every day on the super watch and Speedy Tuesday story of the people.

  • What do you talk about when you get together?
    Everything about the watch series. We will discuss the details of the design of different superficial watch the source of inspiration (including antique watches), to study the next sought after “sacred things” will be what, as well as share the future development of Omega expectations, of course, we will talk about wrist Table storage box, text information and related books and so on. At the same time, ultra-fan fans take the initiative to collect and organize the rich watch information is also one of the hot spots to discuss. Chuck Maddox (who died in 2008) was the first person to watch online. Here to be particularly grateful to him, it is he ignited my great series of great enthusiasm. He collected the details of the super watch, is still a very important reference.
  • Do you think the super-series online community is still growing?
    Definitely. The number of readers with #SpeedyTuesday is increasing, and the number of readers about Speedy Tuesday is increasing. Not only that, I feel more enthusiastic about the activities of the line. We will hold some meetings from time to time, sometimes organized in cooperation with Omega, but I think we can also hold or participate in more. On the line to discuss the Super Series watch is interesting, but can and like-minded people meet the line chat is certainly a more exciting experience. As a result, social media has become a truly interesting tool to create opportunities for people to meet and make online communities a real social community.
  • Now you are inspired by the new Speedmaster Series Speedy Tuesday limited edition watch available! How do you feel about this?
    Can witness that Omega replica so support Speedy Tuesday this idea, and recognized its influence among the fans, this is a very incredible thing. Omega can create this new watch, and in which the special integration of our favorite super watch classic design elements, which I am very proud and proud of. Obviously, this special watch is released online for 4 hours and 15 minutes and 31 seconds to sell out, but also for Speedy Tuesday this event has created another incredible moment. It is gratifying that our feature articles, offline gatherings and picture push will continue in the future.

Omega replica grand release two new watch

June 1, 2017 – Omega (OMEGA) and the New Zealand Chiefs (Emirates Team New Zealand) cooperation for a long time. Well-known global voyage captain, American Cup legend Sir Peter Blake (Sir Peter Blake) in 1995 to become the Omega celebrity ambassador. Since then, cooperation between Omega and sailing has been deepening. This year, at the America’s Cup in Bermuda, Omega will, as always, support the New Zealand chiefs and provide timing services.

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For the New Zealand Chiefs team to get this year’s entry, Omega Global President and CEO Raynald Aeschlimann expressed his warm congratulations: “The New Zealand Chiefs have a number of admirable spirits, and they are able to take the opportunity , And continue to break through their limits.New Zealand Chiefs also has an extraordinary legendary history, the sailing craft is the beauty of the appearance and high-precision technology integration model, which is consistent with many of the characteristics of the Omega brand to see Omega Brand logo With the New Zealand chiefs sail together, we are deeply glorious.

Help the New Zealand chiefs, omega replica aaa tailored for its two new timepieces. The first release of the Omega Speedmaster Series X-33 “Regatta” New Zealand Chiefs limited edition watch, will be in the current America’s Cup Regatta to accompany every New Zealand Emirates team campaign Bermuda. This watch is equipped with pointer indicators and digital display, and has a sophisticated sailing time function, you can key 5 minutes before the countdown. The watch has a series of alarm clocks, each with a unique alarm tone and ringing order, so that each player can clearly distinguish and focus on the game. After the start of the race, the watch can be used to record the game.

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Watch case made of frosted 2 titanium made of titanium, black dial with blue ring and white scale, and a digital display. The bezel is made of ceramic / titanium mixed material and uses a star pattern on the 15th, 30th, 45th and 60th minute tick positions on the New Zealand flag.

Hollow black and white hour, red minute hand and black and white second hand design, so that the wearer can easily read the pointer display time. Watch with liquid crystal display (LCD), with a black background against the gray reading, so that the digital display clear and easy to read.

Table back with double-layer design, to ensure that alarm clock ring can be clearly transmitted. The back of the dome is reinforced by 8 screws, the central embossed “New Zealand chiefs” team emblem and engraved “CHALLENGER FOR THE 35TH AMERICA’S CUP” (the 35th America’s Cup Challenger) and “X-33 REGATTA” (X- 33 yacht race) and limited edition number. Watch with black coated nylon strap, decorated with blue rubber lining and blue suture, with matte polishing titanium metal clasp. Watch interior equipped with Omega replica best 5620 multi-functional quartz chronograph movement. The watch is limited to the introduction of 2,017 pieces.

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The second paragraph for the Omega hippocampus series of marine universe “deep sea black” New Zealand chiefs watch. This section to the astronomical table with the New Zealand flag red and blue color, fully demonstrated the characteristics of the New Zealand chiefs.

Watch case made of black ceramic refined, and the use of ceramic bezel. The fountain scale of the ceramic bezel was created by Liquidmetal® technology, inspired by the New Zealand flag color, the red and blue rubber material applied to the top 10 minutes before the bezel, and the last 5 minutes by Liquidmetal technology to create the “START “(Start) words present. Bezel 12 points at the dot is covered with Super-LumiNova luminous coating, in the night exudes a charming green luster. Vertical polished black ceramic dial with a white 18K gold hour scale and GMT bezel, so that day and night display clearly.

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Table back relief red “New Zealand chiefs” team emblem, surrounded by engraved “CHALLENGER 35TH AMERICA’S CUP” (the 35th America Cup Challenger) words. Watch with a black mesh texture strap, decorated with black and blue rubber lining and red suture, with black matte ceramic clasp, so watch more dynamic. Watch interior equipped with Omega 8906 to Zhen astronomical movement, to ensure accurate timing.
In order to win the symbol of the sailing industry to the high honor of the America’s Cup trophy, New Zealand chiefs team members will work hard in Bermuda. Omega will also work with the New Zealand chiefs loyal fans together to look forward to the New Zealand chiefs once again won the title.

Omega Speedmaster replica series “dark side of the month” fake watches

When the Omega Speedmaster replica series “dark side of the moon” watch ink black models, a new era of chronograph watch on this began. Completely based on coaxial escapement technology features the development of the new 9300 automatic winding chronograph movement, equipped with a full set of new shell, in addition to ceramic case, ceramic bezel, ceramic watch, and even ceramic dial.

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If the Apollo 8 astronauts adventure process and achieved brilliant achievements inspired Omega pure black pot series “dark side of the” watch the creative inspiration, then the mysterious earth night is to stimulate the series of the other four Section of the birth of the watch.

As the super series “dark side of the” watch “black” section (model: 311., all black shape, “All Black” style. 44.25 case with polished and matte black ceramic, equipped with matte black ceramic dial, with black coated nylon strap and black ceramic clasp. Scrub pointers and scales are blackened and covered with black Super-LumiNova luminous coating, black ceramic bezel with a black paint speed scale.

Polished with the crown and timing buttons, visible Omega unique exquisite craft.

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Black coated nylon strap pressure line is black, inside the red. Black ceramic folding clasp, printed with Omega brand logo.

Flat convex sapphire crystal, black matte ceramic bezel with speed scale.

Watch with black matte ceramic dial, pointer and scale are blackened and covered with black Super-LumiNova luminous coating, which is the “black” the name of the source. Watch 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock position with two matte black dial, 3 o’clock position is 60 minutes and 12 hours timer small dial, small seconds dial set at 9 o’clock position, on the whole more symmetry. 6 o’clock for the date display window.

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Hour scale, center clock, minute hand and the middle of the second hand are attached with luminous coating, to ensure that in the dark when reading.

Watch interior equipped with Omega 9300 automatic winding coaxial chronograph movement, equipped with longitudinal wheel timing device, equipped with a silicon gossamer without card count hairspring balance wheel and continuous arrangement of the double barrel, two-way automatic winding system. The rhodium-plated surface is decorated with a unique Arabic-style Geneva ripple. Power storage for up to 60 hours.

Summary: ceramic material, all black appearance, equipped with Omega 9300 self-winding chronograph movement is definitely the timing of today’s watches for the benchmark. To the astronomical station certification not only in the travel time to improve the accuracy of its 15,000 Gaussian high magnetic security assurance also let the watch in the daily use of peace of mind. This cheap Omega replica Speedmaster series “dark side of the month” watch ink black price of 95,800 RMB. As a technology to reach the industry’s top level of professional chronograph, cost is very high, worth buying.

Panerai replica LAB-IDTM Luminor 1950 carbon fiber watch

Now, the use of emerging scientific and technological achievements, has become a major highlight of the timepiece creation. They are often in front of the cutting-edge technology, interpretation of the charm of the era of inch between the replica watches uk. Military table born in Panerai is the case, will be in their own time to create an inexhaustible motive force and advanced watchmaking process to the future of the extraordinary accomplishments combined to create a lot of make watches and clocks lovers of fresh and extraordinary. Brand in 2017 Geneva senior watch salon on the introduction of the Panerai LAB-IDTM Luminor 1950 carbon fiber watch is one of the representatives of the characteristics of the extraordinary case, the new very black dial and 50 years to ensure that the movement without lubrication and other cutting-edge characteristics , Show Panerai replica contemporary watch the innovative attainments (watch model: PAM00700), watch limited: 50.

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Innovative ideas, innovative attainments

2017, Switzerland, senior watch brand Panerai brought us full of freshness. Will be the direction of the creation of the case once again extended to the field of high-tech, from the international scientific research, selected with unlimited potential carbon material for the new watch production materials, from inside to outside show the charm of science and technology: The “pillow” case is made of carbon fiber-based composite material, covered with carbon nanotubes and so on. Fully integrated carbon composite materials, the superior mechanical properties, so that the movement can be smooth without lubrication. New technology for the development of cheap replica watches and clocks to bring a new direction, more watch enthusiasts brought more outstanding wrist works.

Panerai LAB-IDTM Luminor 1950 carbon fiber watch

Carbotech carbon fiber case
Compared to the traditional case, slender Carbotech sheet is not only more lightweight and flexible, but also able to withstand external pressure, both low sensitization and corrosion resistance, superior performance.

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Crown and bridge
In addition, Carbotech structure can enhance the appearance and performance of materials to casting case, crown bridge and its lock lever to better protect the watch’s tightness, so that the movement of the movement more secure.
Yingying blue light, so that black dial more beautiful and moving
Classic sandwich structure dial, “small three-pin” type hand and the time scale covered with blue Super-LumiNova ® luminous coating, through the dial on the time scale and the small seconds of the corresponding position of the hollow, so that when reading becomes clear and easy The In addition, the tension of the table mirror and case, ornamental full, for the wearer to bring an unprecedented luxury replica watches feast.

High-tech materials extend to the movement

Movement show
Through the blue crystal glass cover, movement of the operation at a glance, do not have some fun. Equipped with Panerai P.3001 / C movement, a new semi-hollow design is able to shine, the unique characteristics of carbon, so that splint, bridge, barrel, escapement and seismic devices are self-lubricating And dry material composition, without any lubricant can be smooth operation. Balance balance wheel in the adjustment time will stop, and the second hand zero (reset the second hand) when the watch travel time and the perfect match time. And the usual Panerai watch is different, 3 days of dynamic display device is placed on the back of the watch, the charm of the movement to add a dazzling blue light.

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Black belt
Equipped with a black belt to the blue thread seam, showing the overall charm of the watch. Connect a black pin buckle, can be a good protection luxury replica watches shop wrist safe, reliable.

Panerai LAB-IDTM Luminor 1950 carbon fiber watch
Summary: a new, reliable carbon fiber materials and the atmosphere of the traditional pillow case fusion, highlighting the modern watchmaking technology and the traditional combination of classic elements, burst out of a unique and outstanding. In the tablecloth on the Panerai LAB-IDTM Luminor 1950 carbon fiber watch to Yingying Blu-ray show the brand’s unique technology charm, fascinating.

Omega replica combined with platinum

Buried in the depths of the earth two thousand meters of rare mineral deposits – platinum, reserves for billions of years of energy. Because of its difficult to extract, difficult to process, it began to be widely used in time compared with other precious metals much later. So it is known as the most noble metal platinum, ancient and young, thick plot and thin hair. Platinum mineral deposits is not only rare, its nature determines its pious and unique temperament, silver and white color, shiny shiny yet elegant, and Omega several representative replica watches uk series perfect fit.

Omega Speedmaster series moon phase to the astronomical watches

Product Type: 304.
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: 950 Platinum
Strap Material: Leather
Case Diameter: 44.25 mm
Domestic price: 363,600 RMB
Watch Comments: For participation in the human six months of the task of the Omega Speedmaster series watch, I am afraid no one knows it better than the moon. This section of the super series to the astronomical watch with 950 platinum case and sandblasted 950 platinum dial to the perpetual metal heritage series of fearless and the spirit of exploration. Watch on the platinum dial, inlaid diamond-shaped polished black processing hours scale, 6 o’clock position with a fine moon phase display, painted with lifelike moon. 9 o’clock position with date and small seconds dial, equipped with zoom date pointer. 3 o’clock position with 60 minutes and 12 hours timer dial. Dial on the red ceramic moon disc and watch the red ceramic bezel and wine red leather strap echoes inside and outside, harmonious phase contrast. Wrist watch equipped with the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) officially certified Omega replica uk 9905 coaxial to Zhen astronomical movement, the self-winding chronograph movement can provide 60 hours power storage, anti-magnetic properties of up to 15,000 gauss. This platinum watch limited edition for sale 57.

Omega Constellation series of respect calendar calendar watch

Product Type:
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: 950 Platinum
Strap Material: Leather
Case Diameter: 41mm
Domestic price: 351,500 RMB
Watch Comments: Omega Constellation series Zunba watch as the world’s first to reach the astronomical table, is the tabulation industry legendary masterpiece. This section limited edition calendar watch made of platinum, ingenuity unique. 950 platinum case, with polished groove bezel and sandblasted 950 platinum “pie” dial. Silver white dial, inlaid with green enamel embedded in the three-dimensional standard, the time scale marked with the December English abbreviation, by the central pointer to indicate the month, the date shown in the dial 6 position. Watch with a green leather strap, and the dial on the time scale and pointer inlaid green enamel complement each other. Watch equipped with Omega 8923 coaxial to Zhen astronomical calendar movement, can provide 55 hours power storage, anti-magnetic performance up to 15,000 Gauss. This platinum watch limited edition of 52.

Omega hippocampus series hippocampus 300 watch

Product Type:
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: 950 Platinum
Strap Material: 950 Platinum
Case Diameter: 41mm
Domestic price: 444,500 RMB
Watch Comments: In 1957, Omega replica launched a specially designed for the divers and underwater operations of the pioneer watch – hippocampus 300 watch. More than half a century later, the hippocampus 300 watch Yao return, and in technology and design on a new upgrade. This section hippocampus 300 watch with matte polished 950 platinum case, with a blue enamel dial, retro style 18K gold pointer covered with Super-LumiNova luminous coating. Polished ceramic bezel with platinum Liquidmetal® dive scale. Watch bracelet is also made of 950 platinum material, equipped with Omega 8401 “to Zhen coaxial” anti-magnetic movement, the movement can provide 60 hours power storage. This section of platinum watch limited edition of 357.
Summary: intentionally or unintentionally, the hands of the cheap replica watches is Mingzhi, more or less to convey the attitude of the wearer’s life. Bright and shiny platinum symbolizes eternity, but also represents pure, platinum and Omega has a pioneering spirit of the representative of the combination of watch series, in this rare and expensive metal body, always feel a thick and thin hair of the powerful Strength, while not forgetting the original heart.

Three classic mechanical replica watches recommended

$ 30,000 budget, for most of us is not a small number, and may be your half a month’s income, a month’s income, 2 months of income or more, so spend 30,000 yuan to buy a Section of the watch, it must be a classic and a bigger watch, today I said the table for everyone to recommend three classic mechanical replica watches uk.

Omega Seamaster replica series coaxial watch

Watch model:
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Watch thickness: 10 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: Stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 300 meters
Watch Comments: This Omega Seamaster series watch, 3 million budget is absolutely can take this cheap replica watches, this watch is equipped with black dial, 3 o’clock position with a calendar window, wear resistant sapphire crystal Will be a unique dial to enjoy the front. 41 mm stainless steel case with black ceramic one-way rotating bezel, 10 o’clock position with helium valve. Watch with a stainless steel bracelet. This section Omega Seamaster diving 300 meters watch equipped with cheap Omega replica 2500 coaxial movement.

World pilot series IW327001 luxury replica watches

Watch diameter: 40 mm
Watch thickness: 11 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: Stainless steel
Waterproof depth: 60 meters
Watch Comments: nations pilot pilots watch series, with excellent quality and easy time to watch the watchmaking by all the friends of the favorite. This watch is one of the most popular watches in the series, launched in 2016, a new generation of Mark family star. The triangle marks are re-placed under the minutes, and the numbers are slightly thicker and the five-minute scale becomes more slim. The overall beauty of the dial more harmonious beauty, inheritance of the advantages of the previous money.

True Power ELITE Series 03.2020.670 / 01.C498 watch

Watch diameter: 40 mm
Watch thickness: 8.1 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case Material: Stainless steel
Watch Comments: This section of the power of the commander series equipped with real power when the Elite 670 self-winding movement, stainless steel case with a large three-pin disk design, six o’clock position with a date display window, In the silver disk against the background is particularly eye-catching. Simple and generous design makes this watch a variety of occasions to become a wild choice.
Summary: Today for everyone to recommend these three replica watches uk, in fact, the basic price can be controlled in less than 30,000. Recommended three watches are the classic watch models, recognition is also very high, this budget, buy a high-end Swiss brand classic watch, absolutely value for money.

Omega seamaster of marine cosmic replica watches uk

Omega has been committed to excellence in the ceramic watchmaking process, at the same time, by the 2016 Omega seamaster series of marine universe “deep sea black” watch the successful launch of the Omega replica watches once again using the whole piece of ceramic to create a new watch to create a Set the GMT and diving features in one of the extraordinary timepiece. This innovation is the glory of the Omega seamaster series of marine universe “blue sea blue” watch.

The new Omega seamaster series ocean universe “blue sea blue” watch using the series of classic blue and orange color, the case made of blue ceramic pieces, which in the Omega seamaster series of marine cosmic watch can be described as pioneering move. In addition, the watch is also equipped with blue ceramic dial and orange GMT pointer. Watch pointer and hour scale made of 18K white gold, the surface covered with white Super-LumiNova luminous coating, so that the blue dial shine charming luster.
The blue ceramic bezel is decorated with a OMEGA Liquidmetal® technology, and the first 15 minutes are decorated with unique orange rubber and are more bright and clear on the ceramic material. The “OMEGA” logo on the crown and the row of helium valves are colored with orange rubber.
Omega seamaster series of ocean universe “blue sea blue” replica watches uk the back of the same eye-catching, alley-shaped back into the back with Omega’s unique innovative ceramic Naiad lock technology, making engraved words to keep neat and elegant.

The watch is equipped with a blue rubber strap with orange suture and a blue ceramic folding clasp. In addition to the unique design, Omega Ocean universe “Blue Ocean Blue” watch the depth of water up to 600 meters, and equipped with Omega 8906 to Zhen astronomical movement. Each of the “Blue Ocean Blue” watches have passed the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) set up eight stringent tests, access to “to the astronomical table” title. As a cohesive brand of excellent watchmaking process for the model, Omega watch for this section to provide up to four years after-sales service guarantee.
The Innovation of Omega Ceramic Technology
Since the mid-1980s, ceramic materials have been used in tabulation processes, and the introduction of this material is largely due to the pioneering efforts of the Swatch Group.

Omega ceramic material used hard texture, the hardness is six times the quality of steel, with wear resistance, easy to discoloration or fade of the advantages, can be described as a tough choice to create a tough watch. For Omega, its classic super series and seamaster series are examples of the spirit of adventure, and ceramic material infinite possibilities for its watchmaking process has brought new inspiration.

About eight years ago, Omega will be a small piece of triangular ceramic used in the seamaster series of marine universe on top of a jewel, a brand of ceramic material for the first time to try. Since then, the ceramic material has become Omega innovative future watchmaking process is a very important part.
From the initial small triangle ornaments began, Omega gradually this material into a wide range of more into the design, from the bezel, dial to the overall case, can be made of ceramic. This achievement is not just to rely on inspiration. In fact, Omega must master a very strict and sophisticated production process.
Now, a series of Omega series of ceramic replica watches in the construction process first need to be a zirconium-based special powder pressed into the shape of the mold case. During the sintering process, the case is fired at a high temperature of up to 1,400 degrees Celsius to make it hard and abrasion resistant. For ceramic this tough material, the use of diamond grinding tools to create a specific edge and groove, and through high-pressure oil lubrication and cooling. Subsequently, the case should be placed in a plasma heating furnace, heating up to 20,000 degrees Celsius in the environment for 3 hours. And finally to achieve accurate laser engraved.

Super series “the dark side of the” watch is the first case of Omega made of ceramic from the block made of excellence for. Subsequently, the “bright moon light” and “Haoyue gray” and so on when the goods are also available.
However, need to be emphasized that every time the ceramic material in the color of the innovation on the process of professional knowledge has a higher demand. In fact, this is a very complex science.
The new Omega Seamaster series Ocean universe “blue sea blue” cheap replica watches coloring in the early stage of ceramic powder that is to be stained. But only strictly follow the production steps in order to show the ultimate charming blue.
In the extraordinary history of the brand, Omega has always been committed to research and innovation tabulation process, because of this again to achieve its ceramic watchmaking process on the leading position. The birth of the blue ceramic watch for the Omega fake watches series add inspirational excellence, but also to the wearer felt the perfect fusion of style and innovation.

Fine chanel BOY • FRIEND ladies replica watches uk

Chanel replica watches, is fashion, is the style, is the way of life. From the black dress, N ° 5,2.55 to camellia, two-color shoes, all this is Chanel’s fashion soul, enduring … … and the classic often have to withstand the precipitation of time, Chanel every burst of inspiration, are Classic continuation, as this BOY • FRIEND watch. Early in 2015, so far it is difficult to let go, just soft style, seemingly lost the women that some sweet, but with a difficult to resist the neutral temptation to capture the woman’s heart.

As Ms. Chanel said: “popular perishable, style forever”, BOY • FRIEND cheap replica watches the charm of the passage of time will become more moving, with purely simple lines, valiant neutral style, deep intoxicated.

BOY • FRIEND Tweed Black watch (from left to right: large, medium, trumpet)

As early as the 1920s, Ms. Chanel on the break through the norms, the traditional men’s clothing fabrics and tweed into the women’s clothing, leading a new look of fashion, open early neutral fashion. Yes, Chanel is good at male elements applied to the design of women, 2015 Chanel by virtue of this superior design, launched a new replica watches series, and in a very direct and ambiguous way named, handsome and charming, that is, We see this BOY • FRIEND today.

Hardness and softness of the BOY • FRIEND cheap fake watches design balance degree, beautiful shape, simple and pure lines highlight the charm of fashion. To the bold appearance of the new appearance to show valiant neutral style, noble and elegant, distributed subtle low-key tolerance. This piece with black oblique soft texture replica watches uk case to steel material to create, large watch size 28.60x 37.00x 7.75 mm, with hours, minutes, seconds display; medium watch size 26.70 x 34.60 x 7.33 mm, with time, minute display and date display plate; trumpet watch size 21.50 x 27.90 x 6.23 mm, with time, minute display, simple and elegant.

Dial design
Case shape derived from the source of Chanel inspired by the square of the square of Paris Fontaine Plaza, this unique octagonal has also been metamorphosis in the Chanel iconic Première replica watches design, and N ° 5 legendary perfume cap The The BOY • FRIEND once again interpretation of the octagonal moving elegant, simple disk design, without gorgeous modification, it is a complete highlight of the minimalist neutral style, and elegant temperament.

Twisted silk plate surface ornamentation pattern
With a black twist texture modified dial dignified and elegant, different sizes of fake watches uk, disk design is slightly different: large models in the disk 6 o’clock position with a small seconds, medium for the date display window, trumpet models Even more minimal, without any additional features.

Stainless steel case

M bezel set with bright diamonds
Case design, the designer is also providing a variety of options, such as large and small models with simple steel design, and the middle of the table beige inlaid bright bright diamonds, among the neutral beauty into the luxury of charming The temperament. Stainless steel case and edges and corners are used delicate polished and satin polished to purely perfect, but also to masculine texture against women’s soft.

Exquisite crown
Watch the steel crown inlaid convex round black spinel, waterproof 30 meters.
In order to echo the dignity of the black dial, replica watches uk strap with a stainless steel wire intertwined with the strap, in order to highlight the rich pattern of tweed fabric, precise deep pressure out of the delicate texture and embossed Chanel classic tweed Totem, while maintaining the strap with excellent flexibility to ensure the comfort of wearing. The edge of the strap combines the design elements of the knitting edge, highlighting the outline of the TWEED strap. This is also with the Chanel jacket pocket edge and cuffs at the knitting edge design exactly the same, and with double folding clasp.

Summary: Chanel BOY • FRIEND, must have some boyfriend wind, must have some neutral charm, but also must have some women taste, it is all the same as a lot, look at the heartbeat of the watch may only accelerate it The. Love Chanel replica uk BOY • FRIEND, is in love with a style, and a touch of offset and sharp masculinity.

Chinese and foreign stars interpretation of Cartier replica watches

  1. As a long history of creative watchmaking pioneer, Cartier fake uk subversive design again and again to refresh the original concept of the shape of the watch, Clé de Cartier watch, also live up to expectations.
    Since its inception, it is simple and elegant design and texture by many Chinese and foreign stars love, set off a wave of fashion. “Clé”, in French means “key”, is that just like jewelry, the shape of the crown of the romantic design, but also open the heart of the fashion tool. As the famous film director and fashion icon Sofia Coppola (Sofia Coppola) said: “Clé de Cartier replica watches is not only easy to match with a variety of shapes, but also can become the highlight of the shape, it is beautiful and low-key, extraordinary temperament, but the slightest Will not be overwhelming. ”

    Female star wear Clé de Cartier series watch

    New York ladies Olivia Palermo wear Clé de Cartier replica watches uk  attendance

  2. New York ladies Olivia Palermo wear Clé de Cartier watch attendance

    Clé de Cartier cheap replica watches – 18K rose gold, leather strap, diamonds
    Famous film director and fashion icon Sofia Coppola (Sofia Coppola) love Clé de Cartier watch

    Famous actor Liu Tao will Clé de Cartier fake watches uk as the finishing touch of the shape

    Famous actor Liu Tao will Clé de Cartier watch as the finishing touch of the shape

    Famous actor white lily wearing engraved with her name Clé de Cartier watch
    This watch is “China Film Director Association Annual Actress Award” prizes

    18K rose gold, diamonds

  3. Famous actor Ma Si pure interpretation of fashion wear wear

    18K rhodium-plated platinum, diamonds

  4. Famous actor Wang Ou

  5. Famous actor Zhang Jingchu

    18K rose gold, diamonds

  6. Miss World Zhang Zilin

    18K rose gold, diamonds

  7. Famous popular combination Twins
    Male stars wear Clé de Cartier series watch

    Famous actor Jin Dong deduction daily wear

    Famous actor Wang Kai Street wearing Clé de Cartier watch

    Famous actor Huang Xuan interpretation of daily wear
    Star couple wearing Clé de Cartier series watch

    Chen Xiao, Chen Yanxi couple wearing Clé de Cartier couple watches

  8. Swept the world ‘s “back portrait” couple

IWC Marks replica watches uk

In 1993, with the IWC replica watches launched Mark series XII (Mark XII) watch, the legendary Mark series 11 (Mark XI) watch finally retired. Mark XII (Mark XII) watch release, not only the Mark series completed from the military exclusive watch to the classic civilian watch the transition, but also subtlety between the shape of the future shape of the watch. Mark 12 watches and Mark eleven watch the same size, similar appearance, the main change is the introduction of automatic winding movement (JLC Cal.889 / 2), and add a date display window. Six years later, IWC improved the Mark series, launched Mark series 15 (Mark XV) replica watches uk, this watch equipped with superior performance Caliber 37524 movement (based on ETA 2892-A2), larger case size (38 Mm).

IWC Listen Mark Series 15 (Mark XV) watch
The Mark XVI watch, which came out in 2006, abandoned some of the core designs that no longer fit demand, using pilot pointers, which are longer, wider, and more accommodating (widening 1mm to 39mm) The case and dial. The dial changes the time scale font, also omitted the numbers “6” and “9”. Mark 16 watch equipped with IWC 30110 movement (also based on ETA 2892-A2), to maintain the anti-magnetic and waterproof performance. In 2012, the Mark 16 watch declared discontinued, the Mark Series XVII (Mark XVII) watch on the stage, further expanded diameter (41mm) to meet the trend of large-size cheap replica watches. IWC IWC also redesigned the date display window, similar to the display of the cockpit instrument.

IWC List of Mark 12 (Mark XII) watch
The current Mark Series XVIII (Mark XVIII) watch released in 2016, the regression series of core streamlined design. Case diameter compared to the Mark 17 watch narrow 1 mm, to achieve the ideal 40 mm, thickness 11 mm, again equipped with Caliber 30110 movement. The dial design inspired by the Junkers Ju-52 cockpit dashboard, remove the triple date display, simple and clear. Screw-in convex sapphire crystal can withstand sudden drop pressure without loose, double-sided anti-reflective coating treatment to eliminate unnecessary glare, to ensure better reading effect. Mark 18 fake watches with extraordinary anti-magnetic properties, waterproof up to 60 meters.

IWC Listen Mark 16 (Mark XVI) watch
Like all the iconic products, the Mark series watch is closely related to our time. We witnessed a evolution, after years of shaping a character can be competent for any of the classic watch. Just one come out, that is almost perfect, the introduction of date display, to be further improved. Mark series of watches unique style, not affected by the impact of fashion. Every mark watch has been, and still have everything you need, without the slightest impression.

IWC Listen Mark 10 (Mark XVII) watch
Take out any generation of Mark products (especially from Mark twelve), obviously it is the perfect daily watch; almost can be worn out of any occasion; the size is appropriate (now even more in the past); with a flat outline and eye-catching Fluorescent; relatively affordable, with a balanced tool watch style, accurate and reliable movement, and a clear dial and date display; with extraordinary anti-magnetic and waterproof performance; from a great Swiss watch company, the most important thing is to have unparalleled Of the descent. Mark series is not only a watch; it also represents the Swiss tradition of advanced watchmaking: a specification from the military needs, design a few flawless products, with the passage of time, clever and successful upgrade to meet market demand The In fact, it is this respect for the personality on the basis of appropriate improvements, the achievements of the Mark series of unique style.

IWC Listen Mark Series 15 (Mark XV) watch
In some ways, the Mark series – especially the current Mark XVIII – symbolizes the highest level of everyday watches. Its design focuses on the essence of essence, pure low-key, Zhen to minimalist. It certainly is not a simple suits watch, but also no intention to become a real sports replica watches. Wearing wrist, it will not shout to attract attention, will not boast to show off to show off publicity. Even if the history and descent can not touch the heartstrings, it is difficult to deny as a product, Mark series has been as close as possible to the perfect daily watch standard. In the words of Ferdinand Porsche: “The design of coordinated works without the need for unnecessary modification, with a pure form will be able to conquer others.”